Light, Home & Garden
Solar-Powered LED Firework Garden S...
Description:Spice up your outdoor space with some imaginative lighting! Bend these LED Firework Stake Lights into any shape and stake them anywhere under the sun! They are solar-powered and energy-conserving,...
SAVE 44%
$47.99  $84.99
Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights (55 ft)
Description: Bring a touch of cozy and romantic ambience to your home by simply adding a few strings of Solar-Powered LED Fairy Lights! They do not require any wiring and...
SAVE 42%
$28.99  $49.99
Super Bright Patio LED Umbrella Lig...
Description:How many times have you found yourself sitting next to the patio table on a hot day, reading your favorite book, only to call it a night when the sun...
SAVE 54%
$22.99  $49.99
10 Pcs Romantic Magic LED Butterfly
  Description: These LED butterflies are great for any occasion or decorating need; very good used in bedroom, home, as a gift, bars, cafes, restaurants, wedding, party and other romantic...
SAVE 62%
$18.99  $49.99
Glow-in-the-Dark Garden Pebbles
Description: How cool is a night stone that looks like a pebble! These eco-friendly luminous Garden Pebbles require no electricity and look absolutely stunning during both day and night. They...
SAVE 53%
$18.99  $39.99
2 Pcs Self-Watering Plant Glass Bulbs
  Description: These self-watering bulbs look classy in the garden yet provide great help to your plants when you're away on vacation. They know exactly how much water your plants...
SAVE 43%
$39.99  $69.99
Flexible Magnetic LED Claw
Description:Dropped something and can't reach it? Use this Magnetic Claw to retrieve your lost items.    Main Features: LED light to light up those dark hard to reach places High-quality...
SAVE 25%
$14.99  $19.99
Emergency Fire Blanket
Description: Use this Fire Blanket to extinguish fire by suffocating it, including liquid and grease fires.The blanket is EN-1869 approved, the standard for cooking fire suppression since 1997.   Main Features: Made...
SAVE 25%
$14.99  $19.99
LED Helmet Kit
Description:Want to be the coolest biker ever? Give your riding gear a futuristic look with this LED Helmet Kit! It's shiny and bright, keeping all eyes glued on you as...
SAVE 40%
$28.99  $47.99
Smart Motion Sensor LED Light Strip
Description:Spruce up your home with some super cool accent lighting! This Smart Motion Sensor LED Light Strip will look great lining your kitchen cabinets or bedside! It's waterproof, durable, and...
SAVE 40%
$31.99  $52.99
Wireless Phone Charger with Bluetoo...
Description: Bid farewell to tangled or lost charging cables! Get your phone charged and ready to go with this Wireless Phone Charger with Bluetooth Speaker! You can still view and use...
SAVE 38%
$39.99  $63.99
Guitar Pick Punch Kit
Description: Are you an avid guitarist? Always be ready to play with this Guitar Pick Punch Kit handy! Create smooth and even guitar picks with just one simple press. Play your...
SAVE 21%
$47.99  $60.99
2 Pcs Decorative Bird Hooks
Description:Always misplacing your keys? Hang them from these super cute Bird Hooks! They'll keep your personal items organized and in sight while decorating your wall, also great for hanging your...
SAVE 30%
$20.99  $29.99
Hoodie Neck Travel Pillow
Description:Going on a long flight? Doze off on the plane with this Hoodie Neck Travel Pillow around your neck! The hood blocks out the light and ensures quality sleep, while...
SAVE 22%
$39.99  $50.99
Multi Jointed Fishing Lure
Description:Going fishing? Lure your fishes over with this Multi Jointed Fishing Lure! Intricately carved out into 6 different segments, it wiggles and swims in the water just like a real...
SAVE 28%
$12.99  $17.99
Glow in the Dark Tape
Description:Throwing a nighttime theme party? Decorate your party accessories and supplies with this super cool Glow in the Dark Tape! Just place it under light for half an hour and...
SAVE 32%
$12.99  $18.99
Floating Corner Wall Shelf
Description:Nowhere to store your toiletries in the bathroom? Keep them organized and accessible on this Floating Corner Wall Shelf! Just nestle it into any unused corner and expand your space...
SAVE 25%
$39.99  $52.99
LED Desk Lamp w/ USB Charging Port ...
Description:Straining your eyes when reading or working on the computer at night? A desk lamp is what you need! This adorable LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light is very bright and...
SAVE 30%
$55.99  $79.99
Solar-Powered LED Ceramic Lamp
Description:Spruce up your night with these Solar-Powered LED Ceramic Lamps! Featuring a hollowed out design that creates fabulous visual effects in the dark, these elegant lamps are perfect for both...
SAVE 24%
$31.99  $41.99
Smart Pill Case with Timer
Description: Always forgetting to take your medication on the go? This Smart Pill Case with Timer will remind you! When it's time to take your pills, it'll start beeping until...
SAVE 28%
$28.99  $39.99
Foldable Multi-Purpose Deep Fry Basket
Description:Hosting a dinner party? Upgrade your cooking experience with this Foldable Multi-Purpose Deep Fry Basket! It's superb for frying, steaming, and boiling any kind of food. Use it to rinse,...
SAVE 24%
$15.99  $20.99
Multi-Angle Measuring Tool
Description: Love to DIY? Get your measurements ready using this Multi-Purpose Metal Angle Ruler! It slides and locks at any angle you want, helping you take accurate measurements no matter how...
SAVE 25%
$23.99  $31.99
Easy Clamp Binder Clip Dispenser an...
Description:Got a bunch of loose papers? Get organized with this Easy Clamp Binder Clip Dispenser, a handy tool for your study or office desk! It'll keep all your papers together...
SAVE 24%
$15.99  $20.99
Microfiber Sponge Car Wash Glove
Description:Clean your car easily and quickly with this Car Wash Glove handy! Made from high-quality microfiber on one side and non-scratch sponge on the other, it's great for all sorts...
SAVE 27%
$15.99  $21.99

Easy D.I.Y Improvements for the Home

Home is where the heart is! Need some D.I.Y improvements to your home and don’t want to leave a large hole in your pocket? Why not give your property a makeover with modern mirror stickers or 3D Brick Wall Wallpaper that is super easy to apply and great for beginners and new homeowners! Install extra protection and give your home a peace of mind with Motion Sensor Security Lights that are super bright and solar powered too.

Kitchen and Bathroom Essentials

Make cooking go smoother with our selection of high quality kitchen tools and baking utensils for everyday use. Our favorite Avocado 3 in 1 Slicer is a huge hit for avocado lovers along with many other useful items! Bathroom equipment is also a necessity and you can stay updated with our popular LED lights for home choices like the Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Light that lights up every time you walk into the bathroom.

Home Improvement Deals Online

Shopping for a new home is always exciting and at Next Deal Shop we aim to provide you with practical products that last. Our home products are functional and accessible making them easy to use and best of all fuss free. At affordable prices, shop all home, kitchen, bathroom products daily on sale at our online store.

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