Mini Finger Skateboard Toy

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Looking for a fun toy? Learn to fingerboard with this Mini Finger Skateboard that can mimic real skateboard tricks! It's light and portable, so your kids can play with it anywhere at any time. Use it as an ice breaker at parties!


Main Features:

  • Well-made, with cool unique sticker designs
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, dexterity, and spatial intelligence for children of all ages
  • Portable, easy to fit into pocket and bring everywhere
  • Made from ABS Plastic
  • Eco-friendly, durable, safe
  • Can liven up the mood at parties
  • Great gift for children or skateboard fans


How to Use:

  1. To do a basic trick, put your forefinger on the rear of the board and your middle finger in the middle
  2. Push your forefinger towards you
  3. Practice until you can do a 180° spin
  4. Play around with it to discover other skateboard tricks such as the kickflip, heelflip, tugflip, 360° flip, and much more



Product Size 9.5x2.5cm (lw)
Product Weight 14g / 0.5oz
Package Component 2 x Skateboard toys

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