NEW - [2ND GENERATION] Solar-Powered LED Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Is getting mosquito bites your least favorite thing about the summer? With this powerful LED Mosquito Killer Lamp sitting in your home, you'll never get bitten again! It will attract all the mosquitoes and zap them when they fly within range. Enjoy your summer nights without these pesky insects buzzing in your ears!


Main Features:
• UV light attracts mosquitoes to approach high-voltage power grid that electrocutes them (like an electric mosquito swatter)
• Prevents diseases spread by mosquitoes
• Light source: 1 white LED and 2 UV LED bulbs
• Solar-powered, eco-friendly
• How to use: Turn the switch to "White" for normal light, or to "UV" for killing mosquitoes
• Precaution: Do not touch interior of lamp!
• Made from ABS Plastic
• Batteries: 2 AA rechargeable batteries, 600mAh, 1.2V



Product Size

Length 6.3in/16cm x Width 5.9in/15cm x Height 5.9in/15cm

Product Weight

10oz / 271g

Package Component

1 x lamp, 3 x plugs


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