Easy Egg Cooking Cup Set

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Love your eggs in the mornings? Poach the perfect breakfast eggs with these Egg Cooking Cups! It will give you delicious hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs without the shell, saving you precious time on a busy morning. No more messy shells!


Main Features:

  • Make soft or hard boiled eggs quickly and easily
  • Non-stick, eco-friendly, easy to clean by hand
  • Made from Silica Gel
  • Available in pack of 3 or 6


How to Use: 

  1. Crack open the egg, pour into cooking cup and put on lid
  2. Put cooking cup into boiling water
  3. When egg is cooked, carefully take it out (be careful when handling because it will be hot)
  4. Remove lid and pop out the egg


Caution: Do not microwave or put in dishwasher



    Product Size 3.2in/8.2cm x 2.5in/6.3cm
    Product Weight 5.4oz / 152g
    Package Component 3 x egg cups or 6 x egg cups

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