5pc Water Activated Light Up Fish Toy

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Make bath time more fun with these cute Water Activated Light Up Fishes! Not only do they light up when placed in water but also swim just like real fishes! They'll entertain your kids and pets for hours, not to mention you'll enjoy looking at them too. Add vibrant, colorful fish to your home setting!

Main Features:

  • Swim in random direction like real fish
  • Work continuously for 2hr on new batteries
  • Powered by 2 x Button Cell Batteries (Included)
  • Made from Plastics
  • Available in Assorted Colors
  • Eco-friendly, safe, durable
  • Compact, portable, easy to carry
  • Fun for kids' baths, swimming pools, and beaches
  • Suitable for your aquarium, fish tank, vase, etc.
  • Cool toy gift for kids


    How to Use:

    1. Before placing into water, check whether waterproof pad on battery cover is fixed and whether screw is tightened
    2. Be careful not to pull on fishtail to avoid breaking copper wire in tail
    3. After each swim, wipe dry, take out battery, and store in a dry spot until next use
    4. In case of water leakage and water getting into fish, remove battery cover, remove battery, dry water stains, wait until fish is dry, and re-insert battery to try again



    • Avoid impact and open flame
    • Do not place fish in water for extended period of time
    • Do not reverse battery polarity when inserting batteries



    Product Size 7.5x2x3.5cm / 2.95x0.79x1.38inch (lwh)
    Product Weight 77g/2.72oz
    Package Component 5 x Light Up Fish Toys

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