4 Pcs Car Rearview Mirror Rainproof Film

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Is your car rearview mirror blurry in the rain? Solve the problem easily with this Rainproof Mirror Film! Just stick it onto your mirror to prevent rain droplets from fogging up your mirror. It'll give you a clearer vision and a better idea of what's around your vehicle. Avoid accidents on the road!


Main Features:

  • Made from PET Material, durable and safe
  • Transparent, waterproof, rainproof, fog-proof
  • Dust-proof, anti-grease, anti-scratch, anti-glare
  • Help you drive safely in bad weather
  • Suitable for all cars, vans, trucks, etc.
  • Easy to set up and use


How to Use:

  1. Clean rearview mirror that you want to stick film on
  2. Peel off protective layer from film
  3. Spray clean water onto mirror and place film onto mirror
  4. Remove excess water under film with provided scraper
  5. Repeat same procedure for the other mirror


Caution: Keep away from open flame



Product Size Diameter: 10cm/0.35inch
Product Weight 12g/0.42oz
Package Component 4 x Films, 2 x Bags of Sticker Strips, Wipes, and Scraping Pieces

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